Da Boys

Da Boys
Eating Old Fashioned Candy on the Banks of the Mississippi

A blog about the poetic adventures of two curly haired and boys...and Autism.

This blog was started after many friends told me I should keep a journal of my daily activities with my two sons. Our days are usually filled with fun details, sometimes some sad ones but when you have a child diagnosed with Autism.....there is always Adventure!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treasure Hunters

On a warm summer afternoon, deep in the middle of "Suburbia",
Two curly haired boys take to the street,
In search of treasure.

The radiant sun pounds harshly down on them
But it will not bar their way.
They are protected by pockets of shade.
A soft, cool breeze
Cuts through the oppressively moist air,
Making their travels bearable.

The sweet curls upon their heads grow tighter and tighter,
Making tiny sweat drenched ringlets as they journey forth.
With each step their cheeks flush with a lush color of pink,
Like that of Peonies.

Smiling ear to ear they happily make it to their destination
And delightfully walk hand in hand to "their spot".
Patiently they sit.
For their mother to secure their treasure.

What is this prize,
That these wee boys have
Traveled so far to obtain?
As their Mother walks to their table,
She can sense the excitement there.

With a smile she presents
Large, perfectly round cookies.
Soaked in sugared icing,
Overflowing with rainbow-ed sprinkles.

One boy savors each bite
And in doing so,
Consumes so much time
That he never gets to finish.

The other boy strip mines his treasure
By voraciously chomping off the sprinkles
Then intensely licking off the layer
Of rich, white icing.

When he finally reaches the center
It seems rather unimpressive to him,
So he takes a couple of mercy bites
And abandons the rest.

With their mission completed and their bellies content,
The boys gather to their mother like ducklings and
With their tiny hands clasped around her fingers,
They trudge back from whence they came.

The sounds of joyful laughter
That signifies the success
Of their great hunt,
Lingers on the warm waves
Of the mid-afternoon air
To let all know
Treasure, was found there.

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